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It’s a late summer night in South Los Angeles, and teenage brothers EARL and ANTOINE are making a rather unusual late-night drop. On the eve of their GRANDFATHER’s funeral, they’re tasked with delivering his MASON RING to the funeral home in a last-ditch effort to get it on his finger before the service the following morning.

Their beloved GRANDMOTHER has bestowed them with this mission: one that feels almost sacred. The ring was believed lost but turned up at the 11th hour, elevating the urgency of fulfilling the grandfather’s wish to be buried in it. But it also provides an opportunity for these two young men to do something truly meaningful for their forebearers and to prove themselves as the new men of the family.

Of course, the boys don’t quite see it that way. While they do want to make their grandmother happy (and know that returning without seeing the mission through is not an option) more front of mind for them is the question of who will inherit their grandfather’s sleek Cadillac. The only thing they want to prove is that grandsons who fulfill dying wishes should certainly be rewarded with V8 engines and a chrome finish. But how badly do they want this?

Upon arriving at the funeral home they learn that their point of contact MR. BRICKER has stepped out to deal with an emergency. Or so it seems. Instead, they’re met by NATHANIEL, a night security guard who doesn’t seem much moved by the boys' urgency. That is unless they can prove to him why this Mason ring is so important in the first place, testing the boys' knowledge of what was truly important to their grandfather. But the encounter also provides an opportunity to attain a greater understanding of a man whom they saw as being just as cold and stern as he was mysterious.

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